Author/Singer/Composer from Melbourne, Australia. I write Young Adult fantasy novels. I have two dogs. One is bigger than the other.

Alterworld Book Two: Ghost Of Ashes Progress (50,151 / 90,000)

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So! I wrote a Young Adult/Paranormal/Urban Fantasy book! I would really really really appreciate a signal boost, if your blog and your heart have the room to spare <3

If you think you would be interested in the book, I would love to give out a few free copies to get some reviews! Let me know your email and I can send you the file.

Fifteen year old Georgia Waratjiry’s parents have three rules.

One, “don’t tell anyone you’re a weredingo”.
Two, “don’t ask anyone if they’re magical”.
Three, “don’t contact any specialist paranormal institutions”.

Georgia is bored with life, school and everything in between and feels disconnected from the magical world that she rightfully belongs to until she finds a paranormal forum she’s never heard of in her older sister’s internet history. 

She plunges headfirst into a community of telepaths, gargoyles, vampires and flying teenagers. Before long, Georgia learns how to visit the Alterworld, an alien, magical dimension that is intrinsically interlinked with our own.

But when her human best friend is kidnapped by violent fairies, Georgia’s world begins to unravel…

Cover character illustration by Ba Phong Lam.

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